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The Standever Institute has donated the use of one of its Double Robotics Tele-presence robots to the Sultan School District via its Science, Technology, Engineering Automation and Maths (STEAM) program. This outreach program is designed to engage the interest of students and the public at large and direct those interests toward STEAM centric courses offered free of charge by the institute. The overarching goal of the STEAM program is to offer advanced technical training, usually unavailable or out of reach due to cost, to the public free of charge.

“The Sky Valley has a number of senior citizens, displaced workers, under-resourced teachers, intelligent students and capable children desperate for access to advanced technology and training. Our organization’s mission is both to provide access to such training as well as ensure that modern, cutting edge technology makes its way into the hands of educators and students in rural areas.

“It is absolutely amazing to see the innovation these students are capable of during their participation in our programs while attempting professional certification,” said Karrie Billingsley, Standever Institute Finance Director. Executive Director Sean Standefer further stated, “We are hopeful that this pilot program will be well received by officials with the City of Sultan and citizens of the community. Continued support from the public, the city and the Sultan School District we hope to deliver the full measure of our available services and expertise!”

The Mayor of Sultan and the Sultan School District Superintendent worked together with leadership at the Standever Institute to create a “first-of-its-kind” robotic tele-presence education program in Snohomish County.

Sultan School District
Program Summary
Designed to engage students and members of the community and directing those interested toward STEAM courses offered free of charge by Standever Institute.
Beginning Date
March 17, 2017
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Java, SQL, C++, Double Robot

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