We need a volunteer. You need a free education.

We design & implement elegant, effective & engaging social programs which assist workers in the US who have been negatively impacted by modern software or evolving mechanical automation (robotics).

Our participants pursue employment success via our vocational education & technical training services, skills testing & assessment as well as the opportunity to attain technical & professional certifications.

Solving hard problems is just something we enjoy.

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Technical Vision

Human beings should never be defined by a single capability. Our most amazing engineers are also talented artists and vice versa. -Karrie Billingsley

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Innovative Thought

There has never existed a supernatural or secret process behind innovative thought; simply open your eyes to all that remains undone. -Sean Standefer

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Fearless Execution

Each stroke of a master's brush is planned and practiced. Intellect demands precision; all else is merely conjecture.
-Michael Standefer

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Our customers and partners want you to know:

I worked with Standever on a business plan draft at MSNBC. They contributed greatly to the work, filling gaps for me in technical language and product roadmap. They were a great partner: always ready to give and take feedback. They took pride in the work we produced and delivered on their end to create a solid plan.
Standever has consistently performed at the highest level with the utmost professionalism. Their command and knowledge of all areas of information technology as well as project and program management is demonstrated by their success at meeting the needs of all levels of our business. I count Standever as some of the most gifted professionals I have worked with in my 30-year IT career.
On the T-Mobile projects and programs I saw them manage, they had an incredible knack for implementing the team vision. Standever also had a great ability of getting to the root cause of problems and driving resolution. They used great program knowledge and vision to run a highly effective, results driven operation.
I worked with Standever while in the Amazon Enterprise Services group. I observed them successfully build relationships with senior leaders at the clients they managed. They were also able to successfully influence clients to take action on recommendations they made to improve the business. The results after their recommendations were implemented were impressive, sales immediately increased for clients who had been "flat" for months. Standever is a savvy organization from both a business and technical perspective. In addition to being strong leaders and influencers they are unafraid to get their hands dirty.
Standever are problem solvers and continuously think big. They use creative thinking and their amazing people skills to dive deep on any situation and find the solution. Our team at Amazon.com loved them and were dedicated to their amazing work style. Whenever I interacted with the Standever team, I always left feeling inspired.
Standever is full of outstanding, well spoken, accomplished leaders. We worked together with a number of challenging clients and delivered products and features in the Large Sellers team during the 2009 holiday season. When I think of the Standever team what comes instantly to mind is professionalism and clean execution.
Standever is a diligent, dedicated, and successful team of managers. They led teams on several significant projects in our oganization. They are really good at coordinating complex dependencies across teams, countries, and depedent projects. Their detailed orientation and can-do attitude are key ingredients of their success.

Music Monday Fun

At Standever we believe a company can be both good and have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our team loves helping and having fun so this week we stacked up a playlist of humorous software music videos we thought you might enjoy.

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Partners and Customers

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